At English Roofing, we’re happy to help customers looking for a minor roofing repair service.

There are no call-out charges and we’ll endeavour to carry out small repairs as soon as possible. All of the planned work will be detailed before we commence, to show you what the problem is and then explain how we can repair the damage.

Typical problems experienced by many of our minor repairs customers include leaks on their flat roofs (although not those installed by English Roofing!). Usually over an extension to the property, these flat roof problems are predominantly caused by simple wear and tear and exposure to the seasons. Problems often occur at the edges or the area where the flat roof meets the wall of the house. And if caught and repaired early, this is a minor problem – one that we’re happy to help resolve.

Other simple running repairs that we’re frequently called into action for include some slates or tiles having moved over time or when there are high winds. Again, if this problem is caught early, it’s usually just a case of some simple running repairs.

The key thing to remember is that small problems can quickly become very big problems if left unexplored and untreated. So if you spot any roofing issues around your home that cause even the slightest concern, give us a quick call to see how we can help.

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