Due to their very nature, chimney stacks are exposed to many different weather elements and high pressure winds pretty much all year round.

Chimneys do an important job for us, yet they are all-too-often overlooked – and even neglected. Sometimes until it’s too late.

We find that most clients forget about their chimney when it comes to essential home maintenance. But just because you can’t see any potential or actual faults doesn’t mean they’re not there. The key issue with chimney stacks is that if you don’t pay attention to the structure and arrange regular maintenance checks, loose pieces of masonry can easily go undetected and ultimately become unstable. These loose pieces need replacing at the earliest signs of deterioration to avoid a full and much more costly repair.

At English Roofing, we always advise our clients to have a maintenance check at least once a year to ensure there any no unexpected faults – that typically make themselves known in the depths of winter.

If any remedial work is necessary, you’ll be pleased to know that we only use the best suppliers and the most cost-effective and high-quality materials to repair your chimney stack. Very often, this only requires basic materials, such as sand, cement and lime mixed mortar.

As well as undertaking regular maintenance checks and essential chimney repairs, we also specialise in re-pointing chimney stacks in both old and new domestic properties.

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